Custom Negotiation Training - In-House Corporate Negotiating Skills Training Programs


In-House Seminars »

These private, customized seminars focus on the issues and challenges facing you and your team at your location(s) anywhere in the world. We come to you. The two-day seminar is presented by seminar leaders who have spent time understanding the challenges you face and the problems you need to solve. Pricing is based on the size of the group, the level of customization, and the location. Programs offered on a private, in-house basis include: Effective Negotiating®, Effective Sales Negotiating®, and Negotiating Effectively Within Your Own Organization®.


Reserved Seat Program »

Send your people in different offices to a seminar near them that best fits their schedule: David can go near his office in Tampa, Chris can stay in Minneapolis, Susan stays in San Diego. This program lets you advance purchase seats in any of our 200+ regularly scheduled Effective Negotiating® seminars in over 95 cities all around the world. No travel expense, minimal time out of the office. It also discounts regular individual registration fees, based on the number in your “block,” which can be as few as 12. Seats are good for a full 12 months, and dates and locations can be chosen on an as-needed basis any time during the 12-month period.