KARRASS offers unmatched experience in successfully training business people in negotiating skills. Negotiation is our single area of expertise. Unlike other training companies and organizations, we are wholly focused on negotiation training rather than a variety of topics.

We have trained hundreds of thousands of business people all over the world in negotiation. We know what works. Over the last 45 years, we have relentlessly maintained our very high standards, and consider it our responsibility to each individual participant to provide the most engaging, interesting, valuable, and productive experience possible.

We offer a comprehensive group of negotiation seminars that speak to the negotiation challenges and issues that you confront with your clients and colleagues on a daily basis. Whether through a “Public” seminar that brings together professionals from a diversity of businesses and industries, or through an “In-House” seminar customized for your company’s specific needs, there is a KARRASS negotiation training program to match your training needs and budget.

Effective Negotiating® »

The most popular and widely used negotiating program in the world. Based on the original Both-Win® concept, this program is practical, intensive, and results-based. Develop the key negotiating skills that bring success in business and in life.

Effective Negotiating® 2 - The Follow-On Program »

Specifically designed for those who have completed the Effective Negotiating® seminar, this advanced program refreshes and further develops your negotiation skills and abilities, and introduces new strategies to help your negotiating skills keep pace with the quickly-evolving business world.

Negotiating Effectively Within Your Own Organization »

Our “internal” negotiation training program is the only program of its kind.
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